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Top 10 Best VPNs For iPhone 2022

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Top 10 Best VPNs For iPhone 2022

Best free VPN for iPhone

Knowing everything there is to know about the top VPNs for iPhone in 2022 and beyond will not only safeguard your online identity but also enable you to make wiser choices regarding your online activities.

Reliable VPNs on our devices are now essential to protect one’s identity in the online world as the globe quickly shifts its focus to digitalization in almost every aspect of life.

This is because cybercriminals and the bad political regime are constantly looking for the slightest opportunity to leverage one’s vulnerability.

However, the choice on us here lies between an unproductive lifestyle and a reliable and trusted VPN service provider on our online activities makes all the difference.

Moreover, the challenge here is that most people are not well informed on the importance of VPNs and aspects of cybercrimes i.e. what actions are taken online that make one vulnerable to cyber-criminal.

It will interest you to note that once a cybercriminal attack happens, it is almost impossible to retrieve back what has been lost.

It is on this basis and others that this article comes up with walkable information that covers the entire fact about the best VPNs for iPhone 2022 and beyond.

What is VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online program that secures our internet activities, data, and information by making sure that our IP address and online movement are cloaked, from hackers.

With the great services of VPN, one can comfortably carry out his or her online activities and use all those blocked sites in the country by switching over to the server of the country of his/her choice.

VPN works by creating encrypted tunnel or cave over our dаta, and onlіne іdentity by hіdіng IP аddress which enables one to successfully connect to publіc Wі-Fi hotspots sаfely.

That is to say, VPNs technology hides and alter your internet protocol (IP) address so that your online activities and data are untraceable.

Because of their potency in securing online privacy, VPNs are widely used by mobile device manufacturers sure as Apple, ISP, online programmers, government agencies, etc. to secure all their data.

How VPN Works

• When you finally decide to connect to a particular VPN servіce of your choice, it аuthentіcates your clіent with a VPN server.

• The server connection now forms an encryptіon coverages to all data you send and receive.

• The VPN service provides an encrypted tunnel/ cave over the internet which seсures the data traveling between you and your destіnatіon.

• By ensuring the data send and receive stays seсure, VPN covers it in an outer packet and encrypt it via encapsulatіon processes which is the сore element of the VPN tunnel.

• Finally, when the data arrіves at the server, the outer surface will be removed through a deсryptіon procedures

Benefits of Using VPNs

• VPN technology hides users’ IP addresses and locations with different or masked IP addresses.

• Browsing histories and location can be monitored on networks; however, with VPNs technology, users can hide his or her browsing histories

• VPN technology enables users to access sites or online platforms that are banned in their particular region by switching to any country of his or her choice.

• VPN program will protect and insulate any data you transfer over a public network.

How to Select the Best VPN for Your iPhone and Online Activities

Since VPN has become a vital tool in the digital world and the market is crowded, most time, choosing or knowing the best VPN for yourself and your company becomes necessary.

To that, some key factors must be considered on how to select the best VPN for your best protection and privacy

• The VPN type should be the one that does not leave any traces of the IP address one is connecting from.

• Any VPN you choose should be the one that does not sell the user’s data including information about the websites one visits.

• A good VPN company should keep safe one’s financial records including usernames, passwords, and other bank account information.

• good VPN services accelerate internet browsing rather than slowing down one’s browser by offering sub-par bandwidth and download/upload speeds.

• A good VPN should offer a multitude of servers in different countries for the users to connect to.

• A good VPN technology should make sure that there are tight security protocols to keep cybercriminals away from hijacking one’s system.

• A good VPN service should enable you to connect at least five devices or more at the same time.

Getting Started With a VPN for iPhones and Other Products

• After you have successfully carried out a preliminary analysis for the best VPN service to use, the first thing to do is to download the app on the VPN service’s website

• Install and launch the app

• Sign up for the services by creating passwords and users’ names but some company already have their login details for their clients.

• logged in with your details

• As soon as you log in, your VPN app will connect to the VPN server closer to your current location. The closer the VPN server you are connecting from, the better the performance and vice versa

• After these procedures, your information and online identity will be securely tunneled to the VPN server.

Alternatively, you can get your iPhone network setting configured to connect directly to the VPN server.

In that case, most the VPN service company will have documentation on how to configure iPhone and any other devices

Best VPNs for iPhone 2022

iPhone is arguably the world’s greatest smartphone and as such, it’s needed the best protective technology service called VPN for its continuous dominance.

Among numerous VPNs in the market, we have selected the best VPNs for iPhone 2022 and beyond for your all-around online protection.


Express VPN stands out as the best for iPhone when it comes to the protection of data, information, and hiding of online identity in the ever-growing digital world.

Express VPN provides unbreakable security coverage for your online activities by making sure that your browsing history, location, and date are cloaked from third parties

Express VPN technology has over 160 VPN server locations globally to secure your iPhone’s IP address, and shelter your data in a public network through encryption and decryption processes.

Express VPN has compatibility on the following iPhone: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, etc.

How to set up the ExpressVPN for iOS app

• Subscribe to ExpressVPN

• Download and install the ExpressVPN app for iOS on your iPhone

• Connect to any of our 160 server locations

• Use the internet the way you want


Second to none when it comes to the aspects of maximum protection of online identity and information is NordVPN.

10 best VPNs For iPhone 2022

NordVPN has considerable packages of privacy tools and well-equipped servers around the world for the security of your online world.

The company did not just focus on protecting computer devices but extended its VPN coverages to the world’s greatest smartphone-iPhone together with many of its privacy tools.

How to Install Nord VPN on iPhone

• Go to the App Store

• Search for the NordVPN

• Click on the download button

• Launch the apps by tapping on the NordVPN icon

• Sign up to the app by creating new account detail: email and password

• After completing the sign-up process, you will be asked to choose a plan suitable for your security

• A privacy notification will appear. Click Agree & Continue

• As soon as you logged in, a map and the Quick Connect button will automatically connect you to a server based on your needs and preferences.

• The company will send a message asking you to allow for configuration. Click on allow

• After you are done with the connection, a country pin on the map will turn green. A VPN icon will also appear in the status bar along the upper edge of the screen, letting you know if you’re connected.

• If you want to access account information and settings, on the map screen of the iPhone, tap on the menu icon in the top-right corner.

• When you tap on the menu icon, your subscription details and advanced security options, such as the choice of a VPN protocol will appear

• If you click on the setting, a drop-down menu will appear again

• On the drop-down menu, if you click on Auto-Connect to enable it, the NordVPN app will automatically run and connect you to a secure VPN server.

CyberGhost VPN

A CyberGhost VPN goes beyond malware protection on your iPhone devices but extends its potency by making it very difficult for advertisers, ISPs, and snoops to monitor your online activities.

CyberGhost security VPN gives you ultimate protection on your online journey by making sure that every bit of your inline activities and location are fully hidden.

With the CyberGhost VPN network which has over 7300 fast and reliable servers in over 91 countries of the world, your guarantee of privacy is fully certain.

CyberGhost VPN security in conjunction with Apple’s data security encrypts your connection to the point of the maximum level of protection with a simple tap on the screen.

How to Set Up CyberGhost VPN on iPhone

• Go to AppleStore and search for CyberGhost VPN

• Sign up for the program

• Login with your account details to connect to the CyberGhost server available in your area.


Have you ever been tracked or felt unsafe online? or how did it feel the last time your internet connection device was hacked? Well, l know it was never a good experience

That is why a surfshark VPN tool becomes a necessary technology in your digital life.

The Surfshark VPN will protect all your internet activities, traffic, and cloak up the IP address on your iPhone devices.

More interestingly, the Surfshark VPN connection will protect your data and information out of your ISPs’ eyes.

It will prevent them from spying on you by keeping your IP address secret by connecting to a VPN server.

How to set up a Surfshark VPN on iPhone

The process of downloading and setting up the Surfshark VPN app is as straight and simple as installing any other app.

Below is the simple step by step procedures to follow

• Go to the App Store

• Search for the Surfshark VPN
• Install the app.

• After the installation, it will ask you to permit to add a VPN configuration.

• Click on Allow

• Create an account with your email address and password

• Then log in

• Connect to the Surfshark server closer to your location

Hotspot Shield

In a world where the activities of online hackers who are repeatedly targeting mobile devices are on the rise, a reliable VPN like Hotspot Shield will make a whole lot of difference.

Hotspot Shield is the world’s most secure and fastest VPN that offers maximum security on your online activities, data, and information.

With Hotspot Shield VPN on your iPhone, even as hackers take the advantage of the poor security protection provided by public Wi-Fi networks, none of your data will be intercepted

Where ever you may be, by just choosing to connect to one of over 3,200+ VPN servers in 80 countries + 35 cities across the globe, all your browsing history, and sensitive data will be fully protected.

How to Install and Set Up Hotspot Shield VPN on iPhone

Installing and setting up Hotspot Shield VPN on your iPhone is as simple as possible if you follow the steps below carefully.

• Go to your iPhone Apps store and search for Hotspot Shield VPN

• Download and install Hotspot Shield VPN

• Sign in with the sign-up information you have already

• Launch and open the Hotspot Shield app and click on connect

• Your devices will respond by asking if you want to allow automatic configuration

• Click on allow

• This will enable the new VPN settings

• Choose and select the VPN servers

• Finally, your maximum online security will be in place.


Having gotten facilities up to 1,900 servers across 75 locations of the world, IPVanish has become a better defense and super-fastest growing VPN network for iPhone devices.

IPVanish VPN network insulates your internet traffic and online identity via a secure remote server.

Having IPvanish VPN on your iPhone will safeguard your online privacy by encrypting all your digital data and hiding your IP address which will eventually distort your online location.

How To download and Set Up IPVanish VPN on iPhone

• To get started on using the IPVanish VPN on your iPhone device, go to Apple Store

• On the App Store, search for IPVanish VPN

• Click on the download icon to download and install the IPVanish app.

• Click open to launch the app.

• You have to click on allow for IPVanish to send you a notification

• Log in with your registered IPVanish email and password details

• After you have successfully login, click on get started

• Select your on-demand options

• Click on finish to complete the setup process

• Click on allow to add the VPN configuration setup to your iPhone device

• Next, you will be taken to the IPVanish VPN Dashboard. From there, you will select the country of your choice, city, server and click on the connect button.


Mullvad VPN technology is specializing in building the best secure tunnel over one or more iPhone devices to ensure absolute security of devices connected to the public Internet.

A VPN like Mullvad offers you the best online protection by allowing you to browse the web without any sense of insecurity and violation of your privacy from any part of the world.

Online privacy in a digital world such as we are now is hard to archive but by adopting Mullvad VPN, all of your online activities histories will be completely shielded from the Eagle eyes of hackers.

Mullvad VPN ensures that as the traffic first leaves your computer to public websites, it is encrypted to its VPN servers of your choice so that both the website and ISP will only see the VPN service’s identity instead of yours.

How To Download And Seth Up Mullvad VPN On iPhone

  • From your iPhone device, open the App Store.
  •  Search for Mullvad VPN.
  • Click to download the application
  • Once the app has finished downloading and installing
  • Click on open to launch the application
  • The next will be to log in: if you have an account, but if you don’t have an account
  •  Click on create account
  •  After having an account with Mullvad VPN, then log in
  • Click on secure connection
  •  Select the preferred location-the country of your choice
  • Select your preferred server
  •  The app will ask for your permission to add VPN configurations to your device.
  • Click on allow
  •  Enter your passcode to add the VPN configurations
  • Once you are connected, the top bar of the app will be green,


If you are looking for a VPN that will offer you full protection for your online activities without interference and infringement into your private data, ProtonVP VPN has your cover.

Proton VPN secures your online privacy via encrypting on your internet connection, enable you to overcome censorship, and allows you access to blocked sites

With Proton VPN, you have access to NetShield program on your iPhone that will speed up your connection, protect you from malware, and block online trackers and ads.

How To Download And Set Up Proton VPN On Your iPhone

• Go to App Store and search for Proton VPN

• Sign up for the application program

• Click on connect button right at the top center of the screen


Every second of the day, internet hackers and cybercriminal are constantly prying their eyes on people’s data and information online to attack.

Where ever you may be: at home, in the office, airport, hotel, or even traveling around the world, just know that you are being monitored, logged, etc. by ISP, hackers, and government agencies.

It will do no good for the world’s greatest smartphone (iPhone) to be without security network services like Private VPN.

Private VPN networks came as a response to several years of online attacks to offer 100% anonymity and a maximum level of protection on internet-connected devices.

Private VPN technology offers full protection on every step of your online activities from online purchase, log-in details to social media sites, browsing history, current location, etc.

How To Download And Set Up Private VPN On Your iPhone

• Go to App Store and search for Private VPN

• Download and install the application

• Click open and launch the app

• Sign up for the program

• Login with your username and password

• Select the country of your choice

• Click on connect

Now, your 100% privacy, safety, and total security with peace of mind are guaranteed.

Factors To Be Consider Before Choosing VPNs For Your PC

As the market for VPNs is vastly increasing due to the high rate of attacks on online data and information

Before choosing a VPN for your PC, certain features must be considered

As long as the VPNs and PC are concerned, a good VPNs for PC must have the following features:

• Stable connection policy: make sure the VPN you choose has a stable connection and is not easy to disconnect.

• No logs policy: no logs policy means they are not collecting any of your data online.

• 256-bit AES Military-Grade Encryption: advanced protection that most VPN use.

• Great for Streaming: make sure the VPN you are choosing is suitable for streaming and can unblock streaming service sites blocked by any government authority.

Best VPNs For PC


IPVanish VPN is effortless to use and set up and comes with a 24/7 support system. It allows up to 10 simultaneous connections and boasts of superfast connection speed.

One promising feature is the kill switch which ensures you are not caught on the wrong side of the connection.


10 best VPNs For iPhone 2022
Express VPN

ExpressVPN works amazingly well with the Chrome browser. The good part about it is that it can operate on multiple devices and multiple operating systems.

It allows split tunneling and torrenting but only offers 5 simultaneous connections.


This VPN software has established its set user base as it is not subject to any international surveillance or is not answerable to any authority.

It is relatively cheaper than the above options, but it does not allow split tunneling and offers mediocre customer support.

Private Internet Access

A superfast VPN software for windows, Private Internet Access is a good choice for users who want to have a strict logging policy.

Additionally, it also provides a kill switch. But it loses a few points as it does not allow split tunneling.


An exciting feature about Windsribe is that it offers multi-hop encryption and free subscription in certain countries where it is targeting penetration.

It is fast on Windows, but people have specific issues given its loose logging policy and limited Netflix accessibility.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is one of the best VPN networks in the world for PC.

With it, you can effectively cloak your internet IP address to the one in an entirely different city or country.

By cloaking your internet IP address, your online movement, information, and data are completely secure from hackers, governments agency and ISPs.

Hotspot Shield VPN is extraordinarily effective in accessing websites that are banned in your country and over internet censorship.

Tunnel Bear VPN

Tunnel Bear VPN has a very unique way of encrypting any internet-connected PC to ensure your security and privacy in an online activity on any network.

Tunnel Bear VPN has a more secure way to browse the web with over 2000+ servers across the globe.

With Tunnel VPN, you can efficiently cloak your online identity to that of any country of your choice against hackers and ISP.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN technology is a kind of software that allows any PC user to browse the web anonymously without any fear of being monitored by hiding behind the Proton VPN server.

Proton VPN network provides its service for more than 60+ countries with over 1400+ servers worldwide.

This VPN is available in all countries and it works as same as their features claim.

Best VPN in London

There are so many reasons to use a VPN within the UK, it might be to access geo-blocked content like US Netflix within the UK or BBC iPlayer when traveling outside of the united kingdom.

But whatever the reasons may be, we have based on our professional experience, compiled the best VPNs in London for your maximum protection.


ExpressVPN is the best VPN in the united kingdom. It offers great connection, speeds, and good security measures.

With Express VPN, you can have access to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, SkyGo, and other banned sites in the UK and international TV streaming services.


NordVPN is second to none when it comes to considering the best VPN according to your budget.

NordVPN is considered the most reliable VPN in terms of download speed, security, and skill to unlock the united kingdom and international streaming sites.


Surfshark VPN is a security-focused provider, fast enough for lag-free streaming, and capable of unblocking a number of the foremost popular British streaming services.


CyberGhost is an honest all-rounder. Won’t allow you to down on download speed and online security. Works well for streaming.


IPVanish VPN has found its way to the UK space of cyber security network.

IPVanish VPN offers comprehensive security and privacy in your online activities by ensuring your IP address is hidden from ISP and hackers.

Best VPNs For Android

When talking about the best VPNs in Android devices, we are talking about a VPN that can make great anti-censorship tools, unblocking websites, and services blocked by any government agencies.

Beyond this, a good VPN for any Android device should over copyright enforcers and shield you from unreliable WiFi hosts.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Any VPN For Android Devices

• You can enjoy 5 simultaneous connections at a time.

• They are using Military-Grade Encryption for security.

• It has a no-logs policy.

• It gives a faster pace to 140+ international locations, 350+ locations, with 3k+ servers and 300k+ shared IP.

• You can switch one connection to another connection quickly.

List Of Best VPNs For Android Devices

• CoverMeVPN
• IPVanish
• NordVPN
• ExpressVPN
• CyberGhost
• TunnelBear
• Surfshark
• ExpressVPN

Best VPNs For Chrome

Having VPNs on Chrome browser as against the usual way of VPNs being on devices might seem strange to remark

However, VPNs being on Chrome browser will enable you access to any blocked website by your country authority and content creators who intentionally block a specific audience

Beyond granting you unlimited access to a blocked website, Chrome VPN prevents your information such as IP address, hardware, password, and financial detail from ISP and the website you visited.

This is because whenever you visit any website almost all your information including password and location is given to the site.

To prevent this infringement on your privacy the following VPNs are recommended for Chrome.

List Of Best VPNs For Chrome

• CyberGhost
• Browsec
• TunnelBear
• HotSpot Shield
• Windscribe
• NordVPN
• Click&Clean
• Avast online security
• AdBlock
• LastPass

Which of the abovementioned VPN are you using, we would like to know and tell us how it’s been working. On that note, this is our list of top best VPNs for iPhone and Android.

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