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TikTok Is For Jobless And Unstable People – Owner Says

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TikTok Is For Jobless And Unstable People – Owner Says

Owner: “TikTok Is For Jobless And Unstable People.” Owner of TikTok and its parent firm ByteDance Zhang Yimming provided the group of people for whom he designed the lip-syncing app in a statement in response to a question regarding the app’s goals.

He definitely claimed that TikTok is for unemployed and unstable people, and he never believed that India had an excessive number of these people. And the majority of Indian users began teasing the 39-year-old proprietor of TikTok after making this statement.

TikTok Is For Jobless And Unstable People

According to his statement, users believe he was taking a swipe at India, while other schools of thought also believed that he was just saying what he thinks as he never expected such huge traffic from India, after all, the app was prematurely banned in India. But before we pass judgment on Zhang Yimming’s comment, let’s consider the product’s whitepaper.

Does TikTok’s Whitepaper Cover India?

TikTok’s whitepaper has Indonesia among its market-exclusive global survey. Indonesia and India are 5 hours of flight time away from each other on the same continent with a maritime border. Basically, studying Indonesia’s market space is quite similar to studying India’s market space. That implies that Mr. Zyang Yimming must be having both India and Indonesia in mind while conducting his survey.

In addition, TikTok in India supported 15 regional languages which made it an instant hit in the country not long after its launch in 2016.

Netizens, therefore, believe that Mr. Zhang Yimming’s swipe at India may be due to the fact that the app was banned shortly in the country due to security issues. Even though the app was banned in India, people devise ways to download and use the app. With that said, I believe Mr. Yimming’s comment about Indian traffic on his lip-syncing website and app was actually meant for the rulers or government officials but not the people.

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