Shatta Wale reveals he is saving to afford TG Omori

Shatta Wale reveals he is saving to afford TG Omori

Shatta Wale reveals he is saving to afford TG Omori

In a recent tweet, Ghanaian singer Shatta Wale shared with his fans the reason why he has not been able to shoot music videos as frequently as he should and how TG Omori is the best for him.

The artist who peaked in the top 100 most influential Ghanaian awards chart in 2014, revealed to his fans that he is saving up to work, with TG Omori and hopes to secure a record label soon to support him in making more videos.

In the same tweet, Shatta Wale also mentioned that his fans be patient with him while he tries secure a record label to support his work but in the meantime, he encouraged his fans to enjoy his music and stay tuned for more updates.

He wrote: The reason I can’t shoot videos is because of @boy_director If I don’t get a record label this year to support me to make my fans happy then you guys should wait and let me make my millions of dollars ..But for now Enjoy the music .. I am saving !!! TG is the best now for me !!

It is no longer news that TG Omori, Nigerian music video director and cinematographer charges exorbitant fees for shooting videos. Despite this, the quality of his videos are always impressive. Shatta Wale might be interested in working with him for this reason.

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