Only A Tough Skin Girl Can Date Me… Kuami Eugene’s Advise To His Potential Girlfriend

The #Angela hitmaker and songwriter, Kuami Eugene has been on the trend for a while now after his recent interview in which he made mentioned of how he wants his potential girlfriend to be, stating his reasons for what he said’

The Lynx Entertainment artiste asked his potential girlfriend to get tough skin on the show ‘Stripped by Sika Osei’.

This is what he said, “I am not dating… Right now, I know dating me will be very difficult. You should have tough skin to date me. Everybody wants a piece of me. It is what it is…I am attracted to smart and neat people,” Kuami Eugene said.

He also added that the woman must be able to make sacrifices for their relationship because he goes through a lot as a person and would need that shoulder for support.

The reason why the Ghanaian singer said this is that people would gossip and say untrue things about him in the media and other places. And these things are capable of breaking his relationship with whoever the ‘chosen one’ might be.

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