” My Music Is Out Of Passion And I Don’t Care If Ghanaians Disregard It” Efia Odo Says

Ghanaian popular socialist, actress and now singer, Efia Odo made her intentions clear about Ghanaians disregarding her songs. Efia Odo stated that she’s not worried if Ghanaians don’t buy her songs.

She emphatically stated that her songs were made out of passion and not to please people hence she won’t be bothered if people don’t listen to her songs.

On the United Showbiz program aired on UTV, Efia explained to the host how she would feel if her songs are left untouched by Ghanaians.

” Oh, I will never be worried because I do it from a passionate place. I put passion in it so if Ghanaians or some Ghanaians will not regard me as a musician, there are other people who will regard me as one. So I keeping saying it’s not by force. There are so many musicians in the country who started music more than five years now but they can’t accumulate 2000 views on YouTube ” Efia said.

Also, she believes that it requires commitment, patience and build-up to progress in the music and entertainment industry giving the YouTube influencer Kwadwo Sheldon as an example of how he began on a small scale but has now become one of the well-known YouTubers in Ghana.


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