Ghana High Court Sentenced Two Nigerians, One Ghanaian Who Raped Six British Citizens To 25 Years In Prison


Accra High Court don sentence a gang of three to 25 years imprisonment each for dia role in de robbery and rape of some British nationals who bin dey do charity work for Ghana.

De convicts, Ishmael Akyene, Daniel Akpan den Asouo Mbuotiden Edem rape six victims for dia hostel inside Kokrobite.

Justice Mary Maame Ekue Yanzah sentence dem afta de three plead guilty to 32 counts of conspiracy to rob, robbery, rape and de possession of firearms without lawful authority.

De court add say dem for serve dia sentence with hard labour.

De victims afta reporting de incident to police, visit hospital wia dem use swab take DNA samples from dem for analysis

Results of de DNA match with de suspects.

Also, CCTV capture one of de robbers who try withdraw money from ATM using card of en victims.

CCTV footage help police catch de suspect and two oda accomplices, one of dem who escape go Nigeria dey own Nigeria passport.

Nigeria authorities however collaborate with Ghana police wey dem extradite am back to Ghana for prosecution.

How gang of three rape British charity volunteers for Accra

On 8 December, 2018, some 12 volunteers arrive for Ghana as a group wey dem go lodge guest house for Oshiyie, near Kokrobite around 1.00am.

Afta checking out dia rooms to settle down, de suspects who dey carry guns, knife, taser and long metal enta de guest house wey dem find de volunteers on de corridor.

De gang order de volunteers to lie down on de floor, collect dia mobile phones, iPads, money, atm cards den oda belongings.

Afta collecting PIN codes of dia bank cards and phones, de criminals rape six of de female victims including one married woman.

De gang spend about three hours dey rob and rape de victims until around 4.00am wen dem leave.

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