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We specialize in Songs Promotion and internet Artiste Publicity.

In GhanaVibes, we are committed to promoting promising upcoming histrion. We see a need to provide young Ghanaians who goal to have a life in the background music industry a platform to get their tunes heard.

For Music distribution please email

To promote your company, products, services, events, concerts, albums, songs, and videos, as well as books, CDs, and DVDs

For media strategy and public relations

Productions of Music and Video

Promotions on the radio and television

Please contact for advertising opportunities.

We can’t just promote anyone, therefore all musicians who submit in materials must go through a rigorous approval procedure in which a member of our team evaluates your lyrics, vocals, and overall quality. Those variables will determine whether or not we promote you. If you are disapproved, it does not mean you are unworthy; it simply means that we believe your work needs to be improved before we can advance you.

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