Best Life Insurance Companies 2022

How do you possibly tell the best insurance companies to buy your policy from, out of the rest? Generally, when it comes to matters as delicate and sensitive as life, you just have to be extra and pay more attention. Looking for the best life insurance company to cover you can typically become an overwhelming experience in all sense of it.

However, this is a personal journey you must embark on by yourself, and here’s why. There are different types of life coverage that may or may not suit you. Again, it all boils down to your needs. that is, what you want to achieve with your coverage and what you want to cover.

Now, a lot of companies that offer life insurance coverage have different guidelines that govern their policies. So, before you make the big move, remember that it is all about you first.

Things to consider while choosing a life insurance company

While these companies are offering the same life policy, their methods and policies differ from each other. therefore, you might want to shop around for a while before you make a decision about what suits you.

Basically, there are things to watch out for before you go into contract with any insurance provider and they include


Before you consider a provider, you need to first, make sure they have a variety of features to choose from. Life insurance policies are more enjoyable when you have varieties to choose from. Specifically, ask about what they offer, and let the options be all available for you to select what goes under coverage or what does not. Companies that offer life coverage with rigid less flexible and limited options will not do you good.

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To continue, look out for affordable premiums. A company with an affordable premium will be less of a burden to you. Well, except you are mighty rich and couldn’t be bothered with premium payments.

Customer service

Again, nothing beats the availability of service. Services and help should be available to customers whenever they need it. So, you must do your in-depth research and find out how the company you wish to use carry out its services. More so, check out their customer-company relationship and make sure it is satisfactory.

Type of company

Ultimately, there are companies that offer policies that can also help you to save and companies that do not offer such services. The type of policy and coverage you can buy and what you can make out of it all depends on the company you use.

Best life insurance companies

To continue, you can not categorically say this company is the overall best. Since people differ and so do needs too, a company might be best for you but just as bad for the next person. Life insurance coverage is personal and unique to individuals and must remain so.

However, we just will not overlook the fact that some companies have great services better than others. Most times, some companies offer valuable services that you just can not resist.

This makes them more endearing than their competitors. So, for this purpose, we have listed out life insurance companies that are doing great jobs in offering life coverage for millions of people in America.


MassMutual is a great life insurance company that offers a variety of coverage. Also, the company has a good customer-company relationship with just very minimal complaints.

A company that began in 1851 but has gone ahead to deliver great services till date. By the way, this is a mutual insurance company with its headquarters in Massachusetts.

It sells almost all the life insurance packages like

  • Term
  • Whole
  • Variable
  • Universal

Furthermore, MassMutual gives out dividends to their customers who bought the whole life insurance policy. This is rather great because not all providers offer such services.

However, there are pros and cons to each provider you could think of, including this company. Just be sure the good outweighs the bad.


  • Do not need you to carry out medical tests before coverage
  • Dividend for whole life policyholders
  • Room to convert term policy to whole policy
  • Great customer service
  • Available in 50 states in the U.S


  • No option for online premium payment

Mutual of Omaha

Since 1909, Mutual of Omaha has been in existence and provides a wide variety of insurance coverage in the United States of America. When it comes to life insurance, Mutual of Omaha offers

  • Term
  • Indexed
  • Universal
  • Whole


  • Return of premium on term life insurance
  • Living and death benefits on most policies
  • Flexible coverage
  • Non-medical test


  • Limited life insurance packages

More so, Mutual of Omaha also provides

Disability coverage

Homeowner coverage

Dental coverage


Nationwide began operations as a mutual company in 1925 but has gone all way up to make a mark for itself in America. More so, Nationwide now has its headquarters in Ohio and provides life coverage to customers all over the country.

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Their life packages include

  • Term
  • Whole
  • Indexed
  • Universal
  • Variable
  • Final expenses


  • You can pay both physically and online
  • No medical test
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Variety of coverage


  • Limited online services
  • Some benefits are only for old time customers

Besides life insurance coverage, Nationwide provides lots of other coverage like

auto, travel, homeowner insurance, and other coverage.

Guardian Life

Guardian began selling policies in 1860 as a mutual insurance company. Now, the company has spread its services to all states in the U.S.

But when it comes to life insurance coverage, guardian life offers

  • Term
  • Whole
  • Variable
  • Universal

Ultimately, it is a good thing when your customers are well satisfied with your services. And, Guardian Life can boast of offering great services. This is proven to be the reviews from their consumers.


  • Dividends availability
  • Financial stability
  • Variety of life coverage
  • Great customer service


  • Can not buy a policy on your own except with a company agent
  • Little to zero online activities
  • Dividends available for only whole life insurance policyholders

Although there are other companies that can offer you life coverage, the best life insurance companies begin with these ones here. Again, it is important to note that they offer services to all the states in America. Not only that but also other types of insurance policies are available with them.

Therefore, since it has to do with life, always remember to go with the best.

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