Best Car Insurance for Teenagers

It’s cool if you just got a new car and even cooler if you’re ready to get insurance in your teenage years. There are many benefits this move will offer you, but that’s aside for now. One crucial element you must consider is the best car insurance for teenagers.

Keep reading to make the best selection and enjoy your coverage.

Best Car Insurance for Teenagers


Accident forgiveness, which comes included with Amica’s Platinum Choice Auto package, is a popular benefit. It provides new and inexperienced drivers some wiggle room. It also includes extra deductible-free glass repair and replacement, new car replacement, credit monitoring, and unlimited rental car reimbursement.

This is a straightforward way to combine numerous services for teens and young drivers looking for the complete package. You can sum everything into one convenient bundle while benefiting from an accident forgiveness program.

State Farm

Teen and young drivers might benefit from the Steer Clear program, which offers a discount if you’re under 25. However, your record must also have no traffic fines or at-fault accidents. Similarly, if you drive carefully, the Drive Safe & Save program might save you up to 30% on your insurance expenses.

State Farm also covers motorbikes, ATVs, yachts, recreational vehicles, and automobiles.


Erie offers two distinct services: Rate Lock and Auto Plus. In addition to Rate Lock, the Auto Plus package includes other widespread benefits like a waived or reduced deductible. It also includes increased policy limits, and transportation expense reimbursement.


USAA offers several discounts, including reductions for anything from safe driving to low mileage. You can save money if you achieve good grades in school and complete an approved defensive driving course.

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It offers military-related discounts, such as reductions for parking your car on the post. There are also heritage discounts if your parents are also policyholders.

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